The most important fields of the Institute's expertise include theoretical and applied mechanics, theory of coupled mechanical and physical fields, theoretical and experimental mechanics of materials and structures, computational methods in mechanics, acoustoelectronics, and ultrasonic medical diagnostics. Extensive research is also conducted in several branches of fundamental science and technology, such as: physics and thermodynamics of continua; plasma physics; stochastic dynamics; fluid mechanics; laser beam interaction with metal surfaces, nanophotonics, applied mathematics, applied informatics, and bio-informatics.


Industry cooperation: Nitrogen Plant "Pulawy" Co, PKE Co, KGHM Polish Copper Co, PGE Co, PKN Orlen Co, WSK "PZL Swidnik" Co, Echo-Son Co, Sonomed Sp. o.o., WSK "PZL-Rzeszów" Co, General Motors Manufacturing Poland Sp. o.o., Snecma Moteurs (France), Usinor-Sollac Florange (France), Ferroperm (Denmark), United States Steel Corporation (USA), Pratt & Whitney Canada (Canada), EADS (France, Germany, Spain), Fiat S.p.A. (Italy), TRW Engine Components (Langfang) Co. (China), Ford (Germany)


Consortiums and platforms cooperation: European Technology Platform on Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies, EuMaT, European Virtual Institute on Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials (KMM-VIN AISBL) The European Techno-Economic Policy Support Network (ETEPS Network), Centre for Preclinical Research and Technology (CEPT) Centre of Advanced Technologies "AERONET - Aviation Valley", Biocentrum Ochota (biomedicine and biotechnology), Smart Concrete (construction, materials engineering), Atomshield (materials engineering, construction, energy).