Research Infrastructure

 Materials Characterisation Lab

  • XRD (Bruker D8 DISCOVER High Resolution X-ray Diffractometer ) – crystal structure analysis, molecular orientation measurements

  •  DSC (Perkin Elmer Differential Scanning Calorimeter PYRIS-1. ) – thermal properties of material, investigations of thermal degradation and melting characteristics


  • SEM (Jeol 6010 ) – micro-architecture analysis


  •  Viscosimeter (Brookfield DV-III Ultra) – solutions viscosity confirmation    Polarizing-interference microscopes (MPI produced by PZO) Equipped with CCD camera

  •  EZ50 tensile-strenght test


  •  confocal bio-imaging system: BD Pathway 435
  •  integrated system of Atomic Force Microscopy AFM, confocal microscopy and Raman spectroscopy (NTEGRA Spectra, NT-MDT Co.)
  • ultrasonic homogenizer (Hielscher UP200Ht),


  • goniometr (Data Physics).



Two labs with equipment for material-cells culture interactions analyses


Laboratory A:

  • Laminar hoods,
  • CO2 incubators,
  • inverted laboratory microscope (Leica DM IL LED),
  • automated cell counter (Bio-Rad TC10 Automated Cell Counter),
  • water baths,
  • shaker,
  • centrifuge,
  • micro-centrifuge,
  • freezer −25 °C,
  • ultra-low temperature,
  • freezer −86 °C,
  • autoclave 108L (HMC HG113),
  • water purification system,
  • icemaker,
  • accessories: vortex, magnetic stirrer, heating block.


Laboratory B:

  • Laminar hood,
  • CO2 incubator,
  • inverted laboratory microscope (Leica DM IL LED),
  • PCR thermocycler (Eppendorf Mastercycler),
  • real-time PCR (Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 12K Flex),
  • digital PCR (Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 3D),
  • flow cytometer (BD FACSCalibur),
  • fluorometer (Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent Microplate Fluorometer),
  • spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO Microplate Spectrophotometer),
  • Western blot set,
  • nucleic acid gel separation system,
  • gel imaging system (Bio-Rad Molecular Imager GelDoc XR+),
  • centrifuge,
  • micro-centrifuge,
  • water baths,
  • refrigerator,
  • accessories: vortex, magnetic stirrer, balance, heating block


Chemistry Lab

Complete experimental setup for polymer nanofibres fabrication by electrospinning with necessary accessories like fume hood, centrifuge, vortex, magnetic stirrer etc.


Three room equipped with an office furniture and computers

Office space for people involved in the project.



Milling machines, welders, grinders, screwdrivers, 3D printing machine, etc.