Ligamed team members co-organize PICETE2018!

It is our pleasure to invite you for participation in Polish-Israeli Conference in Electrospinning and Tissue Engineering (PICETE), will be held in Warsaw, Poland during Autumn 2018.

PICETE is the meeting that brings together international experts, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world to exchange their knowledge, expertise and research innovations in the arena of fundaments of electrospinning process and novel materials dedicated tissue engineering.

More information about Keynote speakers and abstract submission will be given on the beginning of May. Please follow our website PICETE2018.



Ligamed on CePT conference

Do you want to follow to know our progress in the LIGAMED project?

We invite you to our presentation at the 7th CePT conference, held
on April 17 2018, at the Didactic Center of the Warsaw Medical University.

CePT is the Innovation Platform for Biomedicine 2018.

This is another meeting of the world of science and business in the area of Life Science, as well as representatives of the state administration. The host of the event is the Consortium of the Center for Preclinical Research and Technology (CePT) - one of the most important research centers in Central Europe in the field of biomedicine.

More information about the conference and registration at CePT website. (PL)

See you on 17th April 2018 in Warsaw!



Annual Congress on Advanced Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine

 It is our pleasure to announce the second edition of the international conference entitled Annual Congress on Advanced Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine, which will take place on September 17-18, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

About the Congress

Annual Congress on Advanced Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine is delighted to welcome all the interested and enthusiastic participants across the globe with the theme “Discover the Advancements in Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine” Which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, productive Poster presentations and Exhibitions providing insights to the importance and Developments in Tissue Science and Regenerative medicine.

Tissue Science 2018 is the primary event that brings together a unique and international experts, researchers and decision makers both from academia and industry from all over the world to exchange their knowledge, expertise and research innovations in the arena of Tissue science and regenerative medicine. Tissue Science 2018 provides a worldwide platform for sharing information and ideas, recent techniques in Regenerative medicine, Tissue engineering, Organ regeneration and newest updates in Tissue science and regenerative medicine. 

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7th International Conference on Material Science and Engineering Technology (ICMSET 2018)

It is our pleasure to invite you for participation in the 7th International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering Technology (ICMSET 2018), which will be held in Beijing, China during October 20-22, 2018.



The ICMSET conference is an international forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the field of Material Science and Engineering Technology. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. We warmly welcome previous and prospected authors submit your new research papers to ICMSET Conference, and share the valuable experiences with the scientist and scholars around the world.

This event will include the participation of renowned keynote speakers, oral presentations, posters sessions related to the topics dealt with in the Scientific Program as well as an attractive social and cultural program.

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Nomination for the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2018

Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny has been nominated for the prestigious award - Polish Intelligent Development Award 2018 under the patronage of the President of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, Dr. Alicji Adamczak. The nomintion of Dr Kołbuk-Konieczny is connected with in the project entitled Development of bioactive, hybrid material for ACL ligament regeneration (NCBiR Leader) in the category of Innovative Young Leader science. More information about the previous editions of the competition on Polish Intelligent Development Award website

The Polish Intelligent Development Award is a response to the new EU perspective 2014-2020. The winners are people and institutions implementing innovative projects on a European and global scale, as well as entities implementing innovative investments that have an impact on the sustainable and intelligent development of the country, thus raising the standard of living of the local community. Projects can be implemented from European, national or own funds. The aim of PNIR is to distinguish innovative and innovative activities and their promotion among the widest possible group of public opinion.

Thank you for the nomination!



Uniaxial stretch has positive effect on ligament fibroblasts

Mechanical strain in the ligament exerts impact on function of cells building this tissue. Sun L. and co-workers have shown in their recent publication that exposing fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to uniaxial or radial strain can promote cell proliferation and collagen production. Interestingly, fibroblasts and MSCs have their own appropriate mechanical stimulatory parameters. Whereas uniaxial stretch and radial strain have stimulatory effects on MSCs, only uniaxial stretch induces stronger proliferation of ligament fibroblasts. These results underline specific characteristic of different cell types and provide important knowledge in aspect of cell-based ligament regeneration and  tissue engineering [Sun L. et al. Stem Cells International 2016;2016:9842075].

Rotating collector is ready to work!

Laboratory Services Centre  ( was designed and built rotary collector for the purposes of the Ligamed project. This equipment allows the collection of fibers / nonwovens with two nozzles, the speed of rotation of the drum and the shift drum is regulated due to appropriate software. The fibers may be collected on a collector drum and a disc of different diameter. The collector is equipped with a touch screen contracting controlling speed and direction of rotation; significantly reduced the amount of metal in the construction of the collector ensures good distribution of electrical charges, which is unique compared to the collectors available on the market.

We thank Lukasz Cichacki and his team for taking on task of constructing our collector, reliability and commitment.

Our presence on BIOMATERIALS FOR HEALTHCARE conference

PhD Dorota Kolbuk-Konieczny was the participant of the BIOMATERIALS FOR HEALTHCARE: Biomaterials for Tissue and Genetic Engineering and the Role of Nanotechnology Conference in Rome  between 17-20 of October of the 2016. She presented data about “Tailoring of mechanical properties by molecular orientation in polymeric scaffolds”. Co-authors of the report published in  conference Book of Proceedings (ISBN 978 88 8080 214 3) are Piotr Denis and Olga Urbanek. The main strategy of the conference were to promote the development of innovative, smart- biomimetic nanomaterials for tissue regeneration-pharma-dental industry and fundamental knowledge in biomaterial-cell interactions .  It was a great possibility to meet Professors from 25 countries and their current-innovative study from above mentioned topics.

We bought a goniometr!

After long consideration we decided to purchase a goniometr, for contact angle measurements etc. from Data Physics. New device is in our lab from 25th July 2016. This device is important for analysis of surface properties of scaffolds which we are forming for ACL regeneration. Thanks to NCR&D we spread our analytical abilities!

Ultrasonic homogenizer

Thanks to NCR&D we could buy a new equipment, crucial for formation of bioactive scaffold for ACL regeneration. We chose ultrasonic homogenizer from Hielscher version UP200Ht, which was delivered 24th July 2016 to our laboratory. We are excited about new possibilities which give this device.

New electrospinning setup

We have started build a new electrospinning set up, which will allows to produce aligned fibers, which will form bioactive scaffold. Moreover, new syringe pumps have been delivered on 20th June 2016.

INNPoland write about us!


Informations about Ligamed project appeared at last time on INNPoland website. In the article appear some informations about the aim of our project, as well as about the National Centre of Research and Development activity.


See more on INNPoland.



Time to start!

We would like to inform that on 1st April 2016, project Development of bioactive, hybrid graft for regeneration of ACL ligaments has been started. We will inform you on Ligamed website about our current activity!


Contract with the National Centre of Research and Development has been signed

We would like to inform that on 1st April 2016, project Development of bioactive, hybrid graft for regeneration of ACL ligaments has been started. We will inform you on Ligamed website about our current activity!

We would like to inform that 12th October 2015 we have signed contract with the National Centre of Research and Development for financial support of Ligamed project. We look forward for new chalanges which will bring work in this project. 


The National Centre of Research and Development granted our project!

Great news for us have come from the National Centre of Research and Development! Our research project, Development of bioactive, hybrid graft for regeneration of ACL ligaments called LIGAMED and submitted by Dr. Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny has been accepted for financial support by this institution on 2nd  October 2015. Thanks to this help we will be able to develop our idea of bioactive scaffold for ligament regeneration, which will be prepared by electrospinning technique. We believe that our ideas will help to make another step to improve treatment of damaged ACL, as well as will improve quality of patients life after trauma.

More information about this edition of LIDER project you will find here.

LIDER 2015 Ceremony

Dr. Dorota Kołbuk- Konieczny with Jarosław Gowin, the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

On 14th December 2015 LIDER awarding gala took place in Warsaw. Professor Michał Malinowski, the member of the National Centre of Research and Development Council, had officially awarded winners of LIDER program for year 2015. One of the laureare of this edition was Dr. Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny, the lider of Ligamed project. Also the Minister of Science and Higher Education has been present on the gala.