We invite you to IPPT PAN on March 17, 2023 for the 1st National Day of Materials Science and Engineering.

The event aims to promote the field of Materials Engineering among society, and in particular among young people: high school graduates, secondary school students - high schools and technical schools, as well as students of the last years of primary schools.

All meetings will be under the patronage of the Polish Materials Science Society. At IPPT PAN, we have prepared shows, experiments and presentations that are suitable for both younger and older visitors.

We especially invite you to a lecture during which we will talk about the work and results of the BIOLIGAMED project: "Polymers in medicine" - Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny, Ph.D., Olga Urbanek-Świderska, Ph.D., Angelika Zaszczyńska, M.E., Maryla Moczulska-Heljak, M.A. , M.Sc. Eng. Konrad Zabielski


We also invite you to other lectures given by our colleagues:

"Materials around us" - Mateusz Kopeć, Ph.D. (event coordinator at IPPT PAN)

 "Coal as a potential energy source" - Dr. Monika Michalska, M.A. Paulina Pietrzyk, Dr. Amrita Jain

"The world of nanomaterials" - Dr. Magdalena Osial

In the morning we meet with students and organized, closed school groups.

From 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. admission is free for all interested! We will meet in the main hall of IPPT PAN.


Contact us

Adolfa Pawińskiego 5B Street

Warsaw 02-106, Poland


tel.(+48) 22 826 12 81 ext. 425

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