Dr. Dorota Kolbuk-Konieczny from our group received a scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education in September 2018 for outstanding young researchers who conduct high-quality research and have impressive scientific achievements on an international scale

The scholarship awards people under the age of 35 who conduct research. Outstanding young scientists scholarships are awarded to young scientists employed at universities, institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and other research institutes. Applications are submitted by organizations employing young researchers. The assessment covers the candidate's scientific achievements, the level of research, awards, and participation in international projects.

Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny graduated from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology in 2007, obtaining a Master's degree in engineering. In 2007- 2012, she completed doctoral studies at the Laboratory of Polymer Physics at IPPT PAN, obtaining a doctorate in technical sciences in February 2013. During his research activities to date, Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny has participated in many research projects, both national and European, as a principal investigator or contractor; she is a co-author of many publications from the JCR list and patents; she is an expert in several external organizations also.

The laureate, while working in the country and abroad and during numerous training courses, gained interdisciplinary knowledge. It includes fundamental material research, cell research and knowledge in the field of commercialization of medical devices, etc.

Currently, in cooperation with recognized specialists in orthopedics, she pays the most attention to the development of materials for the regeneration of ligaments and bones.

In the 12th edition of the competition, 181 scholarships were awarded to scientists from among 1,129 applications considered. The Ministry of Science has allocated over PLN 35 million for scholarships.


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